Renewable Sources is the beginning of the next future

The world is at its peak time. People are more dependent on the renewable sources of energy for their wellbeing now. As more of the non-renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas are being used extensively by the human beings, the more unsecured becomes the life for the future generations. What is life without food, electricity, clothes, shelter? Nowadays people are aware of the situations dwelling in the Earth like too much use the non-solar energy projects resources will leave nothing for the future generations to make use of it. There is no rational allocation of such resources that is why it is replenishing soon. What will happen when the coal mines will be empty one day? What will happen when there is no more natural gas in the pipelines? What will happen when the oil, which is digged up in the oceans are no more there? That is why more importance is being given to the renewable energy projects. If the renewal sources are put into good use, then the future generations will not face any problems. People are shifting to organic from chemicals, non-renewable to renewable so it is just the beginning of the best. The demand for greenery and renewable resources like the sun, heat of the soil, biomass, waves and tides, wind, water, etc are increasing at a rapid rate. E-Electricity understands the need for such nonrenewable resources that is why over the years it has done some excellent projects based on it.


  • Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System – It is a solar thermal Power project. Spread over 3,000 acres of land are 1,56,700 observatory mirrors. The solar energy mainly centres on the boilers which are on the top of the solar power towers.
  • Solar plant in Morocco – The solar plant present in Central Morocco makes good use of the Sahara sunshine, converting solar energy into electrical energy by the help of the photovoltaics present on the solar panels.
  • Wind turbines in California – There are more than 2,000 wind turbines installed in California, specifically at San Gorgonia. It produces electricity by converting the wind energy into electrical energy as soon as the blades of the windmills start rotating.
  • Offshore Wind Farm, England – The 200 turbines generate 630 Megawatts, which is enough to provide electricity to more than 4 lakh houses situated there. It is situated at about 10 miles off the coast of England.
  • Iceland Geothermal Power station – This geothermal power station is located near the Hengill volcano. This power station draws heat from 40 boreholes and produces 80 Megawatts of electricity.
  • Tidal Turbine Energy Project, Scotland – These tidal energy turbines produces 400 Megawatts of electricity to 2,00,000 homes of Scotland. It is 75 feet tall and weighs about 130 tons.
  • Wave power device – This device uses a different kind of technology to convert tidal energy into electrical energy. This wave power device draws energy from the vertical and horizontal forms of waves, unlike other regular wave energy technology. It generates upto 50 kilowatts of power.

Non-renewal resources are a way to secure the lives of our future generations.

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