Discover the Radon in Home by Hiring the Radon Removals

Radon exposure

Radon could be a part of the air that we breathe, however, lower levels of the gas that we inhale could be normal but exposure to higher levels can be of potential risk to many health hazards like respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Areas at places of dwellings and homes with poor ventilation like basements and crawl spaces, radon can accumulate and cause potential damage to human health.

Radon in home

Radon is an odourless, colourless and invisible radioactive gas caused because of the decay of uranium in the underground rocks and soil. It enters the atmosphere and our houses through cracks and utility openings like drains and sumps. It is also the densest and undetectable gas in normal conditions hence accumulates quickly at lower levels causing deadly consequences.

Radon, the causes of cancer

Radon in home, is a gas emitting tiny radioactive particles, causing damage to the cells that lines the lungs through inhaling. Prominent and longer exposure to radon causes lung cancer, and studies around the world have revealed that it is the second largest cause of deaths due to lung cancer after smoking. Persistent cough, respiratory infections, breathing difficulties and hoarseness are also symptoms of radon exposure.

 Know your home radon levels

It is always advisable to get the level of radon in home tested and definitely, get the test done if you are planning to move of buy a new home. Many factors like soil conditions, precipitation, basement pressure and location are instrumental in radon entering your house. Just that the neighbour’s house tested negative does not signifies that you are also safe from radon invasion.

Get in touch with a home inspector of radon test and find the level of radon. The test results are reports based on sample of air collected at source. If results show positive analysis, corrective measures are suggested and immediate actions are taken to rectify the problem.

Radon can also be measured through testing kits available commonly in hardware stores. The detector is placed at the lowest point of the house for several days and then sent to labs for detection and analysis. The radon removal team will give you a proper solution of testing , whether radon gas present in your home or not.

Radon in home

Protection against radon exposure

In order to stay on top of the condition, periodic testing is recommended. Radon levels can change daily as it depends on soil conditions, weathers and more. Have your home tested and get radon mitigation system installed if necessary, along with medical tests of family members.

Radon experts are capable of designing customised radon mitigation system, install it at the desired location and conduct maintenance visits to make sure the system is working and radon levels are kept low.

In case required, exhausts and sump pumps are fitted into the mitigation system for better effectiveness and faster results. As a fool proof measure, crawl spaces and cracks are sealed and attached to the vents of the mitigation system to discharge the air safety outside.

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